PHP Training

Course Details

PHP Basics

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Wamp Server Installation
  • Introduction to PHP MyAdmin
  • PHP + MySQL
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP If .. Else
  • Arrays in PHP
  • Loops in PHP
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Forms
  • GET, Post Methods in PHP

PHP Advanced

  • Date Function in PHP
  • PHP Includes
  • File handling in PHP
  • File and Image Uploading in PHP
  • PHP Sessions
  • PHP Email Function
  • PDF File Generation in PHP
  • Excel Sheet Generation in PHP
  • PHP and FTP Protocols
  • Zip file generation in PHP
  • Integrating SMS Facility into thewebsite
  • Creating Login System
  • SMS and Email verification
  • Online Registration

PHP and Database

  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Handling database on MY SQL Console
  • Handling database on PHP MyAdmin Panel
  • Basic Insert Update Delete
  • Joins in MySQL
  • Introduction to PHP

PHP and Jquery

  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Ajax and PHP
  • Ajax with database
  • Ajax Live Examples

Installing PHP Sites on Live Web Server

  • Introduction to Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Domain Name Control Panel Overview
  • Introduction to WHM Panel
  • Introduction to CPanel
  • What is FTP ??
  • Introduction to Filezilla or Cute FTP
  • Uploading Files to the server
  • Uploading database to the server
  • Connecting to the server database

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